My attempt at mindfulness on a rainy day

view from the back seat on a rainy day, listening to "I''ll be Waiting" -Adele

I have been away from this blog for quite a while. I think it’s largely because the thought of blogging intimidates me a bit. What do I say? How do I say it? What were the most interesting parts of my day, and what is the most interesting way to say it?

I’ve actually had many, many ideas for posts. MANY. I think this blog may turn into the musings of what I like to call a “hungry artist”…because let’s face it: many starving artists in the US may be poor….may miss a meal here or there…may have adopted my new way of eating (eating meals at “between” times so you eat less in the day…kind of killing 2 birds with one stone), and may not be able to buy coffee as often as we’d like, but the fact that I am even blogging on my desktop using my wireless internet connection means that I am wealthier than a vast majority of humanity.

For myself, I resent the term “starving artist”. I will NOT throw a pity party for myself or overglorify my suffering, that so many others are experiencing. HOWEVER, I have found that my stage of life brings me excitement in ways I would have never expected:: Christmas comes about twice a month these days… age 22, I’ve come to call it GROCERY DAY! Paying my bills is a sweet victory. I am approaching my 3rd go at it now, and the forecast is looking like we are in the clear yet again.

I have many lists to post on the blog too! Some of which include:

The meals that have been holding me over

My “me and Jesus” songs (popular love/friendship songs that fit at least 97% perfectly with my romance with Jesus)

Books that I want to read

Things that I have learned while working at Ruby Tuesday


What was lovely about today?

  1. I got to ride through NOVA, and it was BEAUTIFUL
  2. I was at a women’s retreat entitled “Mind, Body, Spirit” and got to take pictures with great friends
  3. I get to go study the bible with a new friend, and teach her from the bible how deeply Jesus loves her and how he likes to be loved. (SOOO grateful someone did that with me a few years ago…)
  4. I saw this:
  5. I feel at peace today….really. Today, I am really trusting matthew 6:28-34
  6. My Missy Higgins Pandora station is getting it SO RIGHT, right now 🙂
  7. My list changed to letters instead of numbers, and it was weird and annoying. Then…I don’t really know what I did, but after some clicking, it’s fixed now. One less insecurity about my blog.

What was lovely about your day/week/etc?