“lemme upgrade you” the installment plan

As a recent college grad, I would like to formally state that I am unsure which living conditions I prefer least: the truly historically black dorms of Hampton University and its caf…or a fairly foodless, furnished-after-a-month-of-sleeping-on-the-floor, crowded with boxes, apartment (with 2 roommates I’m lucky to absolutely love and that love me).

This entry is dedicated to all of the things I look forward to doing/owning when our independence is a little more securely established. I’m, unfortunately, keenly aware that some of these things may take weeks/months, but I’d ,Ike to make a goal list.

1) hook up my desktop computer so I can stop blogging from my iPad and add some cool pictures on this blog….and maybe one day stand a chance of being freshly pressed *_*
Sn: this list would be SO COOL with some pictures. I. May have to speed this task up

2) buy more than $25 worth of groceries at a time

3) buy copies of this book I’m in, the left side poets present: Strange Fruit so that I can have a book signing

4) buy shower curtain hooks…and a vacuum cleaner so we can stop borrowing =\

5) buy a new purse (another image here of the kind would be very helpful….)

6) buy a stand-up coat hanger to go in my room so my roommate and I can hang our purses on it…so they can stop crowding our floor and closet

7) get my car serviced…that’s a big one. My father would have placed that as number one. He reminds me every time I call. And I forget. Every time. *sigh*

8) create an extensive collection of various seasonings…for every occasion

9) buy a DVD player

10) linens!! Smh

11) fancy, quality camera

12) laptop, or webcam…the webcam will likely come first

Ok….everything else that I could think of would be fairly frivolous…or even more frivolous.

Now that I’ve talked about what I DON’T have….What has been lovely about today?

1) I got to go on a jog today at the beautiful Sandy Bottom Nature park after my shift at work. ( another image would go here, FYI)
2) I got to eat a chocolate cupcake left over from my roommate’s birthday!
3) on that jog, I surpassed my distance goal! Wooo!
4) I got to eat steak after I got off of work because my amazing brother came over to cook steak for my roommate’s bday yesterday. ( community celebrations are the best!)
5) I think I actually have time and mental energy to write some poetry tonight 🙂
6) our book has reached our peak sales in 1 day today! ( check our blog and subscribe. I think your creative side will be grateful)
What has been lovely about your day?


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